Upper Arm Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor PG-800B10


  • Fully Automatic measurement with Oscillometric method

  • WHO blood pressure classicification Indicator and Irregular Heart Rate detection. 

  • Extra Large, easy-to-read LCD display with White or Blue backlight. (LCD size: 71*82mm)

  • Memory can store 90 measurements

  • kPa / mmHg unit convertion.

  • Automatic switch-off function to save power

  • Average Reading of latest THREE measurement result.




3D smart fitness

6 industry leading massage technology
  • Smart cervical massager PG-2601B8
  • 3D smart fitness
  •  ring traction
  • wireless remote control
  •  simultaneous multi-site massage
  • hot moxibustion
  •  smart switch
  • electrical pulse massage
  •  auto timing
  • magnetic effect
  •  2 kinds of power supply mode

Private eye masseur

myopia prevention, visual fatigue relief
  •  Smart massage glasses PG-2404G
  •  air pressure massage
  •  brain function
  •  far-infrared heating
  •  myopia prevention
  •  vibrating massage
  •  acupoint massage
  •  magnetic effect
  •  MP3 function
  •  guided meditation music

A health breast sticks out

SPA physical massage, outlining deep V temptation
  • SPA massage bra FB-9403B2
  •  magnetic resonance effect
  •  acupoint massage
  •  3 kinds of massage way
  •  meridian treatment
  •  microcomputer control
  •  health shaping
  •  personal streamlined design
  •  comfortable clothing

Restoring beauty of the skin

ultrasonic wave, positive and negative ion
  • Ultrasonic IPL beauty instrument PG-M618A
  •  ultrasonic wave nursing
  •  microcomputer control
  •  positive ion care
  •  mute design
  •  negative ion care
  •  fashion appearance
  •  4 color light
  •  built-in lithium battery
  •  comfortable massage
  •  high density color light bead

Private professional acupuncture

multifunctional electrode sheet
  • low-frequency treatment device PG-2602B2
  • multiple treatment modalities
  •  LCD display
  • electric pulse combination
  •  compact and portable
  • a variety of massage techniques
  •  manual operation
  • multifunction electrode sheet
  •  2 kinds of power supply mode


Pango focus on family health for 17 years

Founded in 2000, Shenzhen Pango Electronic Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing and manufacturing medical and health-care products, such as electronic blood pressure monitor, neck massager, eye massager, air pressure foot massager and so on.

Being developing for nearly 17 years, Pango owns its integrated production chain including molding, plastic injection, oil spraying, silk screen printing,SMT workshop and assembly line.

Pango 's mission is to improve the quality of human health through hi-tech health products.

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